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SCREWS & WIRE Libčice a.s. (Šroubárna Libčice) was founded in 1872 as a company manufacturing fasteners by hot and cold forming. At the time of its founding and between the world wars, the company belonged to the industrial pillars of the region.

In 1948, the company was nationalized (similarly to all large companies at that time). With resenpect to its leading position in the industry, as well as broad know-how, Šroubárna Libčice became the leading plant of the newly established conglomerate. At the time of the most substantial growth, the company employed more than 1,000 employees and exported its products into the entire territory of the then Eastern bloc. In 1992, the company was privatized as a part of extensive social changes.

In 2005, Šroubárna Libčice s.r.o. got a new owner and changed its name to SCREWS & WIRE Libčice a.s. The whole assortment from the past was retained and it has been (in accordance with customers wishes) continually increasing.

Among the company's significant strategic advantages are its know-how and wide selection of manufacturing tools as well as special tools. This gives us maximum flexibility in filling customers' orders.

Our production program:

cold formed machine parts
drawn wire
cold forming tools

Manufacturing of screws
Manufacturing of standardized precision strength screws takes a large portion of the manufacturing portfolio. The products are manufactured by the technology of cold forming. For some specific use, the screws have various strength properties that are determined by its consequent heat treatment. The available surface finishes are blackening, zinc-plating, chrome-plating, polished zincing, phosphating, ZnNi, Eslok, Dacromet, Scotchgrip, etc.

Manufacturing of wire
In the wire department, drawn wire in coils is made in various qualities and diameters. Drawn wire of hight-grade is used directly for the screw and machine parts production in the factory or in the construction industry or it is being sold. The drawn wire of low carbon steel is used both inland and abroad to in the construction industry for the nails, biding wire and general-purpose wire production.

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